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Mar 14, 2012 3:00pm PDT
dramatic southern sweep, mitt romney's camp insists santorum can only stall not block romney's path to victory. the defense secretary gets a first-hand look at the garage aisle afghan mission just as we get word the argentina end who allegedly gunned down 16 afghan civilians was flown out of that country tonight. >>> president obama says regime change in syria is a question of when not if. president assad isn't listening, pressing a crackdown on the south keeping that city from south keeping that city from anti-government rebels. -- captions by vitac -- >>> first some major international news tonight. a scary moment as the defense secretary leon panetta arrived to afghanistan. an afghan vehicle drove onto the runway area of a military base and set it afire. just as panetta's plane was landing. another major security breach but pentagon officials say no explosives were found in the vehicle and secretary panetta went on with his schedule, which includes a face-to-face promise to the afghan president hamid karzai for a thorough investigation of the shooting rampage blamed
Mar 6, 2012 2:30am PST
colbert counts down the minutes until conservatives must fall in love with mitt romney. we'll watch the clock with colbert later in the show. >>> first to the news live at 5:30 a.m., here at 30 rock. after mons of campaigning the single biggest day in the republican presidential race is here with 11 states including wyoming caucuses and more than 400 delegates up for grabs, the next 16 or so hours will go a long way in dertermining the nominee and perhaps the next president of the united states. much of the focus is on ohio, a key battleground and must-win for republicans. as of now the numbers suggest ohio, anybody's game. three different polls in the last 24 hours show mitt romney and rick santorum in a statistical tie in ohio. both candidates spending yesterday there in ohio in a last campaign push before the polls open in a couple hours this morning. santorum focused his closing arguments on attacking mitt romney citing reports he suggested his state's health care law could be used as a model for the entire country. >> bad enough to be for a government mandated health care syste
Mar 7, 2012 3:00pm PST
supertuesday leaves mitt romney with a delegate lead his team says unsurmountable. who deserves a one on one shot at the frontrunner. >>> plus israel's ambassador to the united states tells me more negotiations with iran may give tehran the time it needs to finish building a nuclear weapon. >>> republicans pounce as the defense secretary says the obama white house would seek "international permission before using military force to stop the using military force to stop the bloodshed in syria." -- captions by vitac -- >>> the new post-super tuesday reality in the republican race. a few things are obvious. mitt romney for example is the clear and undisputed frontrunner but a front run where giant question marks. ten states voted last night and romney won six including the big contested battle ground of ohio. the math now very much on his side. romney's 429 delegates are more than all of his three rivals combined. and they put him almost 40% of the way to the magic number required to clinch the nomination. 23 states have now weighed in on the republican race. and romney has won a c
Mar 7, 2012 6:00pm EST
reality in the republican race. a few things are obvious. mitt romney for example is the clear and undisputed frontrunner but a front run where giant question marks. ten states voted last night and romney won six including the big contested battle ground of ohio. the math now very much on his side. romney's 429 delegates are more than all of his three rivals combined. and they put him almost 40% of the way to the magic number required to clinch the nomination. 23 states have now weighed in on the republican race. and romney has won a come bind 3.2 million votes or 39%. rick santorum is a distant second at 2.1 million votes or 25%. but there is no rush for the exits or for a romney coronation. we have a great opportunity. in the next few weeks and this primary season. to stand up to the establishment. to stand up to all the money, to stand up to all the power brokers, stand up to all the lobbyists who are organizing the favorite campaign. and have an insurgent candidate. >> senator santorum now gets a week that plays to his advantage. conservative-dominated contests in kansas, t
Mar 8, 2012 10:00am PST
, i'm all for him getting out. i'm all for mitt romney -- i'm for everybody getting out. i wish president obama would just hand me the thing. but that's not going to happen. >> but can romney cure his southern discomfort? as republicans start battling for the bible belt, joe biden weighs in. >> i kind of look through all their personal squabbling and their characteristics and their personalities and look at what they're saying. and there's no fundamental difference. >> plus, today is international women's day. michelle obama and hillary clinton team up to salute women of courage. >> to all of those who are oppressed and abused and left out and left behind, they are saying, i am standing with you. i am fighting for you. you are not alone. >>> and today's agents of change in our women in the world series, from the uk, sarah brown, leader on women's education and the white ribbon alliance. and path breaker and philanthropist, deann. plus, the leader of the arab spring, dahlia jiada. that is if that massive solar flare hurling toward earth doesn't hit us first. >>> but we're still h
Mar 7, 2012 8:00pm EST
if i didn't ask about super tuesday's results. governor romney won the big prize, ohio. do you believe the time has come for other candidates to now get out of the race? >> i would hope so, but i can't tell the other candidates what they should do. they have to make their own decisions. i'm aware how tough an environment this is and so they have to make up their own minds. it is a fact that the longer this drags out, the higher the negatives of mitt romney and the harder it will be to win the election in november. that's just fundamental facts. >> governor palin was on cnn last night saying she would leave the door open to her name being placed into nomination if there was a contested convent n convention. what was your reaction to that? >> glad to see that sarah is still willing to get into the arena. i greatly admire and respect her. sarah, i view it with great interest your comment last night. i also think that, you know, that this thing is going to be resolved hopefully sooner for mitt romney than later. >> senator mccain, i always appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you, an
Mar 6, 2012 11:00am PST
as the republican candidates. this seemed to be a direct response to what mitt romney earlier today at apec said about what he would be doing about iran where he would be moving warships to make sure that iran knew that the military threat that they could visibly see the military threat. it seemed he almost challenged him to think if you think we should start a war, then make the case. >> i think we have the sound from the president discussing this notion of attacking iran. let's play it. >> measure my commitment to israel is seen in the actions that i've taken as president of the united states and indisputable that i've had israel's back over the last three years. >> i believe we have david gregory with us. are you there. we don't. let me go back to chuck. we have rick santorum who came out swinging. i believe it was david and that's why i wanted to bring him in who said a lot of what mitt romney hazarded regarding israel came off as up and dopandering s willing to say whatever it takes. >> that's the danger i thought the republicans were going to box themselves into. he created one policy red
Mar 3, 2012 3:00pm PST
correspondent jim acosta is following mitt romney. jim, what are you hearing from the romney campaign? what's their realistic objective come tuesday? >> reporter: well, their realistic objective come tuesday is to win as many delegates as possible. and that is what this campaign is about right now. and it's about delegates, delegates, delegates. we're standing outside of a romney event in bellevue, washington, just outside of seattle where the romney campaign put out these flyers instructing caucusgoers in the state on how to participate in their caucuses on saturday and basically because it's all about winning as many delegates as possible. the romney campaign advisers were telling reporters over the last several days that they're not only focusing on individual states, they're looking at individual congressional districts inside those states because as we all know, a lot of these states that are going to be voting on super tuesday will be allocating their delegates on a proportional basis and on a basis that is driven largely by these congressional districts. so in some cases, wolf, they
Mar 3, 2012 7:30pm EST
. unemployment figure in late summer and how romney presuming he's the nominee performs in the debates. >> when we come back, romney's nail-biter! >>issue two, romney's nail- biter! >> in this room are the people who knocked on the doors and made the calls and went to the polls and it made an enormous difference. we didn't win by a lot but we won by enough and that's all that count. >> mitt romney's victory in michigan tuesday may have been narrow but as he said a win is a win. governor romney also won in arizona, same day, defeating rick santorum, the new darling of the right wing, of the g.o.p. right wing. prior to tuesday's primaries, there were nine other primaries, romney won four of those nine. santorum four. gingrich one. with michigan, these lever races have been a roller coaster. rom niece's tuesday win makes him the most recent candidate with momentum. the the big mo, the mo. question, how significant was romney's michigan victory? >> very significant. he was facing seeing his candidacy broken in michigan. there would have been cry for another candidate, fund-raising may have dried up
FOX News
Mar 10, 2012 9:00am PST
wyoming will give him momentum . does mitt romney have what it takes to court it out. we'll ask him if mitt can connect with southern voters. u.s. and israel sit down and talk about iran's nuclear threat. but some are insisting that the president is underestimate the threat that iran poses. chris christy takes on a former navy seal in a town hall meeting. potential vice-presidential pick is getting attention. and honoring world war ii vets before it is too late. i am uma, with america's new headquarter live in the nation's capitol starts right now. first to begin with. another election day and this time can yan - kansas and wyoming voters are casting ballots and they are live with the latest, alisia? >> hi, rick santorum and ron paul pled their cases here in wichita and the air capitol of the world . republicans are think thag rick santorum will likely walk away with the delegates here in kansas. he has the anti-abortion muscle in thitate and is the social conservative favorite . ron paul held three. and he told the grouch he is not after the specific number of delegates but the mor
FOX News
Mar 13, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. no matter, what this will not be gingrich's last stand. >> long stretch ahead of us. mitt romney is looking for a knockout punch. >> if the polls are right, we will pick up some delegates. >> tonight, results on the way in contests that could change the republic race anger in afghanistan. protests grow in the wake of a u.s. soldier's alleged attack that killed 16 civilians. >> i have directed the pentagon to make sure that we spare no effort in conducting a full investigation. plus gunfire erupts at a memorial for the victims and more people are now dead. the homeless as walking high i hot spots. supporters say it helps them earn a living. critics argue it's just plain demeaning. we will hear from homeless folks themselves to find out what they think. and the jet pack pilot who took on a race car. election alert. first from fox this tuesday night. the first polls close just 90 section ago in the g.o.p. southern showdown. less than an hour now until all the voting is complete in mississippi and alabama and right now here's what we know. it is an interesting night for mitt romney in the state
FOX News
Mar 11, 2012 7:00am PDT
mitt romney and rick santorum both see big wins, in the -- yesterday's contest in kansas and wyoming. good morning, on this sunday morning, i'm eric sean. >> jamie: good see you, air rakrak-- eric, to rest for the candidates, and, us, too. and, mitt romney was declared the victor in wyoming, rick santorum took home the state of kansas with an overwhelming win in his hopes to slow down front-runner mitt romney's momentum and meanwhile, newt gingrich vows to stay in the race, even if he fails to take alabama or mississippi and that will happen, this week, those races and peter doocy is following it live in washington. hi, peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jamie. and speaker gingrich did not have a good saturday as far as days in a campaign go but yesterday was big for mitt romney and senator santorum, the big delegate winners and the gains came in completely different ways, senator santorum got 33 delegates in the kansas caucus because he won, mitt romney 7 and mitt romney won 6 in the wyoming caucuses to santorum's 3. but, mitt romney won 9 delegates in guam and their th
Mar 7, 2012 7:00am EST
are ready to win across this country. ♪ host: the victories were split last night with mitt romney taking his home state, squeezing out a victory in ohio and winning in alaska in virginia. rick santorum wins and north dakota, oklahoma, and tennessee. all candidates vowed to fight on. political observers say none of them will lock up the nomination until possibly may. good morning. it is wednesday, march 7. we will go through the results this morning with all of you and get your thoughts. let's divide the lines by supporters. those in support for newt gingrich -- ron paul -- you can also send us your e- mails, or send us a tweet. you could post your comments on our facebook page. and newt gingrich was able to score a victory in georgia last night, his home state. the biggest delegate prize from super tuesday. the state doles out the delegates proportionately. his win in his home state is the first victory for him since south carolina in june you worry. the former speaker about to bite on lost tight with the southern strategy. >> i want you to know in the morning we're going on to alabama o
Mar 8, 2012 2:30am PST
rock in new york city. >>> mitt romney says the republican race for president is now a matter of math and that the numbers simply do not add up for his rivals. as of this moment romney leads the republican field with 341 delegates. remember, though, he needs 1,145 to clench the nomination. he's followed by newt gingrich and rick santorum. romney's campaign notes only 4 of the remaining contests are winner take all, meaning it's increasingly difficult for any one candidate to catch up to romney. a memo released by his camp highlights the road ahead for the republican candidates saying the longer they ignore the basic principles of math the only person's odds of winning there are increasing are president obama's. romney needs less than 50% of the remaining delegates to wrap up the nomination compared to rick santorum who needs to win nearly two out of every three from this day forward to become the nominee. one romney aide said it would take, quote, an act of god to prevent romney from winning the nomination. rick santorum refuses to accept the idea that romney is inevitable. >> what wo
FOX News
Mar 10, 2012 3:00pm PST
romney and newt gingrich for skipping campaigning in kansas and deciding to move on to the southern states of mississippi and alabama for their primaries on tuesday. take a listen. >> it is sort of a joke that they are out there saying rick is not conservative on this and this when everybody knows that we are the strongest most principled conservative in this race and that all of these attacks are on minutia types of issues that are taken completely out of context and that didn't sell over here in the good people of kansas and that is why they abandoned ship and i think we will find it is not going to sell across this country. >> and santorum has now moved on to missouri. however, rick, there is a lot of weight being put on tuesday's southern primaries. back to you. >> mitt romney and newt gingrich putting a lot of energy into the southern states, right? >> it is really important really for the top three candidates to make a good decent showing in those states and if you listen to the way mitt romney is talking, it sounds like he is trying to lower expectations. he has even said in
Mar 6, 2012 6:00am EST
that with every single character, john mccain, mitt romney and barack obama and hillary clinton and john edwards. so, you know, we occasionally, in the last couple weeks, have heard criticism from people who say the book was some left-wing democratic thing. if you go back and read the book, we pulled no punches throughout the book, nor did we try to be hitting everybody mercilessly. we tried to show a balanced portrait of everyone. that included sarah palin. to mark's point, that meant talking to everybody in mccain and palin world who had a lot of contact with her, people who loved her, and people who had less positive feelings about her by the end of the campaign. and we took that all into account. that's what we do. >> mark, let me ask you a more broad question. why the movie focuses only on sarah palin when there was such an exciting story on the other side as well. >> excellent question. hbo wanted to make a two-hour movie. and in two hours, you can only tell one story. they originally wanted to tell the story of the president and hillary clinton and their titanic battle for the nomination.
Mar 7, 2012 6:00am EST
slept mitt romney was declared the winner in ohio. his margin of victory about 12,000 votes. romney won five other states including virginia. >> but it was no knockout by any means. rick santorum held his own. he won three states including tennessee. he vows he is staying in the race. >> newt gingrich fulfilled his promise to win his home state of georgia. ron paul failed to capture a single state. delia goncalves joins us to break it all down. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. even though it seems ron paul was the loser out of last night's candidates, he is still vowing to press on with the race. so that means we are likely to see a very full field of candidates vowing for the republican nomination. a total of 1144 delegates are needed to win the party at this summer's convention. so far mitt romney is leading the pack with 415 delegates. santorum has 176. gingrich has about 105 and ron paul trails with just 47 delegates. >> tonight we're doing some counting. we're counting up the delegates for the convention and it looks good and we're counting down the days till november an
Mar 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
for your time. >> thank you, eliott. >> pleasure to have you here. is mitt romney shifting his gaze to the real prize ignoring his nomination rivals and calling president obama naive in wisconsin. but the new poll showing obama trouncing romney in that state by double digits. we have more in just a minute. >> the house minority leader joins the ranks of marco rubio and george wh bush adding another republican notch to the endorsement belt of mitt romney. five days before wisconsin's primary that state's highest representative paul ryan threw his luke warm support behind romney. >> so you are throwing your support to-- >> mitt romney. i think we're entering a phase where it could counterproductive if this drags on much longer. that's why we knee need to cohe is cohe will less around romney.. but barack obama trounces romney in double digits. describing what he called christ cramped narrow perception. >> out of work, can't find a job, tough luck. you're on your own. you don't have healthcare. that's your problem. you're on your own. if you're born into poverty lift yourself up by you
FOX News
Mar 10, 2012 1:00pm PST
. rick santorum has won the state with 53% following behind mitt romney with this percentage, 17%. newt gingrich, 16% and ron paul coming in with 13%. another big contest, of course, the wyoming caucuses with 44% in mitt romney leading so far, 47% and rick santorum with 34% followed by ron paul with 7%. so far no percentage in yet for newt gingrich. to break it all down we'll go to alicia in wichita, kansas. >> reporter: i talked to rick santorum. he says he feels good about what happened in kansas. he did come into the race among the favorite. they wanted someone that reflects that values. >> here is what santorum told me about that. >> i'm being attacked by my opponents in mississippi and alabama, as not being a conservative. yet here in one of the most conservative states in the country they abandoned the field. >> reporter: romney is doing some celebrating of his own. overnight he won 18 delegates on guam and u.s. territories. he is leading in wyoming tonight. gingrich cancelled a plan to go to kansas planning to spend time in mississippi and always. regardless of the outcomes on tu
Mar 30, 2012 3:00am PDT
where mitt romney is getting absolutely hammered by barack obama. >> yeah. why don't we start there. mitt romney and rick santorum are heading to wisconsin today, kicking off a final campaign push before tuesday's primary. according to the new poll out just this morning, romney has 40% in wisconsin. >> that's good news for romney. >> ahead of rick santorum. in a general election matchup, wisconsin voters favor president obama over both romney and santorum, each by double digits. this lead for the president in wisconsin mirrors numbers this week from other key swing states. this latest poll shows the president topping the republican candidates in the battle ground state of florida. president obama is seven points ahead of romney and 13 points ahead of rick santorum. and in ohio, obama has a six-point lead on romney and seven points on santorum. rick santorum's home state of pennsylvania, even there he loses to president obama by seven points. mitt romney is closer to the president in that swing state, just outside the margin of error. >> mark halperin, it was not so long ago that rep
FOX News
Mar 5, 2012 2:00am EST
saturday and here are the results. mitt romney won with 38%. ron paul second at 25%. rick santorum was close behind at 24. newt gingrich was last. on tuesday, ten states are up with more delegates at state than all of the contests combined up until now. joining us from tennessee one of the states that votes on super tuesday is former senator rick santorum and senator, welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thank you, chris. good to be with you. >> chris: good to be with you, sir. ohio is generally agreed the biggest prize on super tuesday and would seem to be tailor made for you. bleblue collar, manufacturing, lots of rural areas. big evangelical vote. don't you have to win there, sir? >> we will do well, there, i believe that. it is a a tough state for us only because of the fact that with the money disadvantage. but we have got a great grass roots campaign. we are hanging in there and we feel very confident that we are going to do well. as you know, it is always harder when you have got two conservative candidates out there running in the race as we have seen in washington and we
Mar 7, 2012 4:00pm EST
now. >>> brooke, thanks very much. happening now, mitt romney is winning on points, but he can't seem to land a knockout blow, how the front-runner hopes to grind out a final victory and house his rivals hope to stop him. >>> as a top senator calls to stop the slaughter in syria, the pentagon now spelling out of the some of the america's military options. >>> and iran may le trying to clean up evidence of nuclear activities before inspectors can get there. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >>> mitt romney certainly had big wins on super tuesday. the gop frond runter won six states and padded his lead in delegates, but ohio was very, very close. rick santorum captured three states, while newt gingrich also had a win. romney has not put his rivals out of business, as republicans grow concerned about a drawnout race, the candidates are calling on one another to quit. here's jim acosta. >> reporter: wolf, with team santorum telling newt gingrich to drop out and team romney telling everybody to drop out, it's starting to feel lie deja vu all over again. falling short of exp
Mar 8, 2012 1:00pm PST
primaries in alabama and mississippi next tuesday may be the last chance for mitt romney's rivals to halt his momentum. rick santorum would love to go one on one with him, but night gingrich may have a different story. joe johns is watching all of this for us. >> reporter: wolf, rick santorum just finishing up an event, and he's expected to head to mobile, alabama later tonight. this is a situation where he has already proven he can win in the south by winning tennessee. the fact of the matter is newt gingrich is such a strong presence here. >> reporter: in this speech santorum is suggesting there's a third man in the race besides mitt romney, but doesn't go much further than that. >> if you go out and deliver a conservative victory for us on tuesday this race will become a two-person race, and when it becomes a two-person race for the republican nomination, the conservative will win that nomination. >> reporter: but if you ask santorum directly about whether he or anyone on his campaign staff is calling for gingrich to get out, he'll tell you no way. >> if they're doing so, they're not d
Mar 14, 2012 8:00am PDT
. that didn't happen, though. anyway, gingrich is still saying he's staying in the race, and mitt romney, gingrich says, is, quote, not much of a front runner. mitt romney came in third in the south but he did win last night's caucuses in hawaii and there are some delegates there, and he still enjoys a huge lead in the only race that really matters so far, and that is the big one, the delegate count. gop delegates is really what matters. >>> syria is said to have answered the cease fire proposals from a high-level u.n. envoy and it does not look like the answer the u.n. was hoping for. the general met with syria's president over the weekend representing not just the world body but also the league of arab nations. yet the syrian ioo onslaught ju keeps continuing. 60 people have been killed today across that country, many in the stronghold of idlib which reportedly has fallen now to government forces. >>> investigators in switzerland want to know what caused a bus crash that killed 28 people and most of them were kids. 11 and 12-year-old kids. the bus was on its way back to belgium with 52
Mar 7, 2012 6:30pm PST
's tuesday win makes him the most recent ndidate with momentum. the the big the mo. question, how an romney's michigan vior very significant. he was facing seeing his brenn there would have been cry for otr candidate, fund-raising may have dried up. he could lllo ohio in that circumstance. so now we're looking at a ra i think where you're trngto keep romney below the number of 1144 and it'shard to do that. certainly -- >>upsd is tuday and these are the 10 states holding pry mary's -- alkageorgi gingrich's home state, idaho, sshu noh kota, ohio, oklahoma, tennessee, vermont, virginia. going to -- take - --omney >> i think romney will dominate sur esy. he will not probably carry ora, which is beginning rich's home state. nggiri ithe he divides the opposition against romney so i think romney will come o this day as the clear republican candidate. >>ouage? >>the big prize is ohio. no republican has wothe presidency without carryi io noton e prar but in the fall. and that's everybody will focus io, whether santorum can catch romney in ohio. then gingrich has yet to wi hihome state of georgia.
Mar 10, 2012 5:30pm PST
'll see you then. good night. battle for the south. big wins today for mitt romney and rick santorum. now it's an all out fight in the new gattle ground new battle ground on the trail. >>> trouble in paradise. massive floods, mud slides, hail, even a tornado. one of america's most popular vacation spots in a state of emergency. >>> bullying controversy. the powerful new movie aimed at kids and parents and a firestorm over its rating. >>> rock star. $10 million, 11 nights, 340 tons. tonight, the big move in l.a. >>> and check it out. one man's way to honor his mom, giving a whole new meaning to the neighborhood library. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. mitt romney and rick santorum went toe to toe again today, battling for delegates. this time in republican caucuses in kansas and wyoming. and once again, the results point to a long and uneven road to the nomination. tonight, nbc news declares santorum the winner by a comfortable 30%. and romney is the projected winner in wyoming and he won contests today in guam and the other u.s. territories. while this is i
Mar 6, 2012 4:00am EST
in ohio where the race between santorum and romney has been incredibly close. tracie potts join us from columbus. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. columbus is key. this is where they will eventually certify tonight's primaries from the results of ohio. ohio is a very important state because no republican has ever been elected without winning this state. so today's primary is a key proving ground for november. ♪ >> reporter: both top candidates mitt romney and rick santorum, spent their last full day of campaigning in ohio. >> we have been all over the state from a to z, all right? akron to zanesville. >> i just don't think the republicans have a viable candidate. >> reporter: romney insists he is winning last-minute voters here. >> i keep hearing people tell me they were undecided and now they have decided to join with us. >> reporter: it's gut-check time! who wants it the most? what do you say? >> reporter: rick santorum has a two-point edge in ohio, a virtual tie. last night, he focuses on romney's flip-flop on contraception coverage. >> he will be the weakest candidate we could
FOX News
Mar 11, 2012 9:00am PDT
terror rebel groups for the violence. >> shannon: mitt romney and ruck rick have gained momentum, romney picked up 38 delegates, with wins in several territories and wyoming bringing his total up. and santa ana got three more from kansas and wyoming. any candidate must get 1144 delegates to win the g.o.p. nomination. it will be a close race in mississippi and alabama on tuesday. former speaker newt gingrich and former senator rick santorum both made stops on the sunday shows to talk their strategies. steve was watching it all. >> reporter: hi, yeah. it's been a republican primary dominated by very tight races. and more of the same drama on tuesday. newt gingrich is practically tied with rick santorum in alabama. and santorum continues to take aim at mitt romney, suggesting campaign spenning can only buy you so much. >> we have been outspen 10-1 and that's fine. but if you are outspent 10-1 and has all the establishment behind him and all of this, quote, wind in his back, yet he can't close the deal, winning ohio, winning michigan by the skin of his teeth. but that's okay. we have the gra
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